35 Queen and Slim Quotes to Share With Your Trip or Die (2020)

Queen and Slim, a Melina Matsoukas-directed movie a couple of Tinder date rapidly was an on-the-run thriller, was some of the talked-about movies of 2019. Beneath we’ve got compiled a few of the most poetic, awe-inspiring, hilarious Queen and Slim quotes. 

What’s your opinion on the 2019 film Queen and Slim? 

Queen and Slim stars Jodie Turner-Smith and Daniel Kaluuya because the title characters, with Turner-Smith in her first starring movie position. The movie was written by Lena Waithe, finest often known as the creator and author of the Showtime-show The Chi. 

Queen and Slim Quotes to Share With Your Ride or DieQueen and Slim Quotes to Share With Your Ride or Die

The picturesque romantic drama Queen and Slim discusses a number of themes all through the movie together with racism, police brutality, and trendy romance. 

Beneath we function a few of the most memorable moments from the critically-acclaimed movie. 

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Queen and Slim quotes about love

1. “I simply assume you have been meant to be right here.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

2. “I need a man to indicate me myself. I would like him to like me so deeply, I’m not afraid to indicate him how ugly I may be.” – Queen (Jodie Turner Smith)

three. “Can I be your legacy?” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

four. “You already are.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

5. “I ain’t going to bend the world. So long as my woman remembers me fondly, that’s all I would like.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

6. “I simply needed to let that I’m okay, and that I like you.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

7. “Infants are a product of what two individuals wanted from one another.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

eight. “I would like him to indicate me scars I by no means knew I had. However I don’t need him to make them go away, I would like him to carry my hand whereas I nurse them myself.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

Queen and Slim quotes about their journey

9. “Thanks for this journey, irrespective of the way it ends.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

10. “I’m uninterested in taking part in it protected. I need to experience or die.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

11. “There’s nothing again there for us.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

12. “We don’t must outrun them. We simply have to ensure they don’t know the place we’re.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

13. “I believe every thing is destined.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

14. “That’s the entire level. We’d be hiding in plain sight.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

15. “What if God needed me to die and I tousled his plan?” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

Relatable Queen and Slim quotes

16. “Can I ask you one thing? What took you so lengthy to reply to me? I despatched you a really well-crafted message. Three weeks have gone, and at the moment, out of the blue, you hit me as much as ask if you wish to seize dinner. What modified?” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

17. “Usually, I’d have a glass of wine on my own however I didn’t really feel like being alone. Not tonight.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

18. “It’s alright. I’ll be courageous sufficient for the each of us.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

19. “I might die at the moment. I simply need individuals to know I used to be right here.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

20. “Swear on one thing you consider in.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

21. “Okay, advantageous. I swear on you.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

22. “So, you turned to Tinder.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

23. “I simply need to go residence, and I need to see my household.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

24. “There’s a struggle occurring on the market, and also you welcome this into our residence?” – Mrs. Shepherd (Chloe Sevingy)

Humorous Queen and Slim quotes

25. “You had this unhappy look in your face, I felt sorry for you.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

26. “You made a playlist? That’s cute.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

27. “You’re prepared to danger getting caught so we are able to dance?” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

28. “I’m rubbing your head for good luck.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

29. “Nigga, I ain’t your uncle!” – Uncle Earl (Bokeem Woodbine)

30. “I don’t know the way lowkey we’re going to be driving round in a turquoise Catalino.” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

31. “You may kiss my black ass.” – Uncle Earl (Bokeem Woodbine)

Queen and Slim quotes about race

32. “Why do black individuals all the time really feel the have to be wonderful? Why can’t we simply be ourselves?” – Slim (Daniel Kaluuya)

33. “It needs to be a sin to name a black girl loopy.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

34. “My uncle informed me nothing scarier to a white man than seeing a black man on a horse.” – Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith)

35. “Ooh, nicely, if ain’t the black Bonnie and Clyde.” – Uncle Earl (Bokeem Woodbine)

What’s your definition of a “experience or die”? 

The great thing about Queen and Slim lies within the relationship between the 2 primary characters. At the start of the film, they despised one another. If nothing about that night time was out of the bizarre, the 2 would have gone their separate methods after the Tinder date, by no means to see one another once more. However after a devastating accident, Queen and Slim have been compelled to depend on one another. By tragedy, love grew. 

The movie makes me query what I might do in the same high-pressure scenario. Would I make the identical selections as Queen or Slim? The perfect movies begin up conversations that usually would by no means occur in any other case. Queen and Slim is a thought-provoking film that begs to be mentioned. 

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