50 Methods To Win Over A Lady Whose Love Language Is ‘Bodily Contact’

1. Let her put on your smooth, fuzzy sweatshirts that odor precisely such as you.

2. Give her shoulder massages earlier than she even has to ask.

three. Maintain her hand (or relaxation it on her thigh) when you’re driving.

four. Play together with her hair proper earlier than you’re about to kiss her.

5. Cuddle together with her when you’re watching films.

6. Play the massive spoon some nights — and the little spoon different nights.

7. Maintain her tight and let her cry into your chest when she’s upset.

eight. Kiss her on the brow.

9. Kiss her on the neck.

10. Kiss her on the again of the hand.

11. Dance together with her at any time when music performs — and even when music isn’t enjoying.

12. At all times select the seat closest to her.

13. Let her relaxation her head in your shoulder throughout lengthy prepare or bus rides.

14. Hug her from behind whereas she’s busy within the kitchen or her workplace.

15. Hug her hi there and hug her goodbye.

16. Information her down the halls along with your hand on the small of her again.

17. Maintain her hand in public, with out caring who sees.

18. Play footsie together with her beneath the dinner desk.

19. Boop her on the nostril.

20. Tilt up her chin to look her deep within the eyes earlier than you kiss her.

21. Whisper one thing candy into her ear.

22. Contact her arm once you giggle.

23. Run your fingertips up and down her pores and skin.

24. Give her eskimo kisses.

25. Wrap your arm round her shoulder once you’re sitting side-by-side.

26. Squeeze her butt once you stroll previous her.

27. Give her shock foot massages.

28. Ensure you interact in loads of foreplay.

29. Tickle her sides.

30. Stroll via the city along with your arms linked collectively.

31. Sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the sofa.

32. Give her a protracted, prolonged kiss.

33. Stroke your thumb throughout her palm when you’re holding palms.

34. Give her again scratches.

35. Go down on her.

36. Maintain her waist when you’re strolling together with her.

37. Nuzzle into her.

38. Wake her up with kisses within the morning.

39. Push her hair behind her ear when it’s fallen in entrance of her face.

40. Gently cup her cheek as you kiss.

41. Let her put on your jacket when she’s freezing.

42. Let her sit in your lap.

43. Be the one to provoke kisses (and intercourse).

44. Give her high-fives, fist bumps, and pats on the again at any time when she accomplishes one thing nice.

45. Sleep beneath the identical blanket collectively.

46. Take baths or showers collectively.

47. Nibble on her ear.

48. Nibble on her lip.

49. Occasionally, once you aren’t going to get in any hassle, interact in some PDA.

50. By no means depart the home with out giving her a kiss goodbye — and by no means come house with out giving her a kiss hi there. TC mark

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