eight Unanswered Questions From Netflix’s ‘Don’t F**okay With Cats’

Don’t F**okay With Cats is a documentary streaming on Netflix that’s even crazier than the title. At first, a bunch on Fb is created to discover a man who put two kittens in a vacuum-sealed bag and suffocated them. That alone is sufficient to flip your abdomen. Then, a video of him taking part in with the useless kittens is posting. Then one other cat killing video. Then one other one. Then a human homicide. All of the whereas, these web vigilantes are tracing him everywhere in the world in an effort to catch him, for the reason that police had no jurisdiction over the web. On the finish of the documentary, they lastly discover him and justice is served. We see the sick obsession with motion pictures that the killer has and we uncover the motives behind his actions. The top of the film appears to wrap issues up with a reasonably little bow. However there are some points of the case that left sure questions unanswered.

Deanna Thompson aka: Baudi Moovin. (Netflix)

Each Baudi Moovin and the reporter acquired a message that mentioned “the individual you’re in search of is Luka Magnotta. Based mostly on Luka’s want for consideration and stockpile of pretend accounts, it may be assumed that Luka was the one who informed on himself to ensure that the highlight to be turned on him, however it was by no means confirmed who really gave them the title they have been in search of.

Luka appeared to have acted alone in his movies, regardless of his claims that he was pressured to carry out these acts by “Manny Lopez.” Nevertheless, there have been a second pair of fingers within the video with the cat and the python that was by no means investigated. Associated, the place on the planet did he get a python?!

Baudi particularly used an alias in order that nobody may discover her. I’m assuming she didn’t submit any private particulars about herself, however that wasn’t talked about. How was Luka in a position to determine not solely the place she lived and labored, however receive a video of the on line casino she labored in? Did he have another person do it for him?

Luka Magnotta posing with one of many kittens. (Netflix)

The hassle that will take can be exhaustive. He’d must make new emails to make new accounts and preserve a log of which emails went with which account in order that he may go browsing and make posts on his “fan pages.” Did he have a program that was capable of do it for him?

Luka’s mother appeared completely satisfied that Luka was harmless, which might solely imply two issues: she was delusional or she was defending him. Was she the one giving him cash to flee the nation? Did she suppose that her son deserved to be well-known identical to he did and enabled his violent tendencies out of guilt? Or did he have her so wrapped round his finger that she actually believed he was incapable of those crimes, despite the fact that they have been on digital camera?

Luka Magnotta after being arrested in Berlin. (Netflix)

Within the first two movies, there was Christmas music taking part in within the background. Then a troll account admitting to the murders had a Santa hat on. Since every thing else had type of image, why was he incorporating Christmans a lot?

Jun Lin, the sufferer of Luka Magnotta. (Netflix)

The individuals who have been proven watching the cat movies have been in close to tears and needed to avert their eyes, however once they watched the video of Jun Lin, it was not almost as emotionally shifting for them. Why was a lot extra time spent on the animal crimes and the homicide was nearly off-handedly talked about? Why didn’t Jun Lin get greater than only a single interview of his pal to commemorate his life that was taken so horrifically?

On the very finish of the film, Baudi Moovin turns to the digital camera and asks if the viewers are complicit within the crime by giving Luka precisely what he needed: fame. It’s extra of a hypothetical and philosophical query, however how can we research serial killers with out giving them the satisfaction that they crave?

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