33 Hilarious Final Phrases You Wouldn’t Need To Say In Your Remaining Moments

You don’t need your final phrases to sound something like those from Ask Reddit.

1. Staring Contest. Go.

2. There’s one thing I’ve been dying to let you know.

three. Watch carefully… I can solely do that trick as soon as.

four. Ight imma head out.

5. I’m gonna hang-out the shit out of you.

6. I’m an atheist. Let’s see if I used to be proper.

7. I’ve been ready for this all my life.

eight. You’re subsequent.

9. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, fuck you I’m out!

10. It’s only a flesh wound!

11. You children wanna see a useless physique?

12. Can’t consider I’ve died a virgin.

13. My financial savings… each single penny of my 1,000,000 dollars… are hidden in….

14. I wager you I’m higher than you at “enjoying useless.”

15. Hasta la vista, child!

16. That’s all of us.

17. Delete…my browser..historical past ….

18. Maintain my beer.

19. And for my closing trick, I’m going to make myself DISAPPEAR!

20. I’ll be again.

21. We are going to meet once more, however not but, not but…

22. What are you gonna do? Stab me?

23. My battery is low and it’s getting darkish.

24. Let’s do a ‘maintain your breath’ contest.

25. The local weather is fucked. You’re subsequent.

26. Checkmate, atheists.

27. So lengthy suckers.

28. Mr. Stark, I don’t really feel so good…

29. I informed you I used to be unwell.

30. Yippy ki yay Motherfucker!

31. Effectively shit. THAT didn’t work out like I believed it could.

32. Oh no, not once more!

33. The top. TC mark


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