30 Cops On The Time They Pulled Over A Well-known Particular person

These cops from Ask Reddit met some celebrities within the strangest means potential.

1. My dad pulled over Clint Eastwood. I suppose this was simply after they began requiring licenses to drive bikes in California. He pulled him over as a result of he was driving bizarre, like he didn’t actually know journey. His was response to license difficulty was, “Man, subsequent factor you understand you’ll want a license to journey a horse.”

2. I used to reside in Bergenfield New Jersey a couple of years again and I feel Chris Rock lives there. My buddy was a cop and stated he pulled him over for going 55 in a 30 and NJ is mad strict with driving. He stated Chris was superior and even gave him an autograph after the rushing ticket.

three. My dad was a cop. Pulled over none aside from Marilyn Manson for an unsafe sign lane change (he was bragging the day it occurred) within the early 2000s. Stated he was non descript and low key, apologetic and didn’t act like an enormous shot above the legislation.

Four. I gave Werner Herzog a rushing ticket within the Hollywood hills within the early 2010s. He was very well mannered and even shook my hand. Good fellow.

5. Some police officer pulled over Package Harington as soon as for rushing or one thing. He stated he’d let him go if he informed him if he’s actually useless in Sport Of Thrones.

He informed him. He let him go.

True story, at the least in response to Package.

6. After I was a cop I pulled Blake Shelton over as soon as. I walked up the window went by my little spiel, “Whats up my identify is Officer Juscvin with town Police, The explanation I’ve stopped you tonight is insert crime, might I see your license and insurance coverage verification?” He provides me his stuff and it’s actually late so I haven’t even found out it’s him but I’m simply considering this man seems to be acquainted. He was actually pleasant and fairly apologetic tremendous good man. I wished to ask for an autograph or image however felt like it might’ve been unprofessional.

7. My driving teacher was a former Missouri site visitors cop. He informed me a narrative about pulling over Tom Selleck whereas he was on the town filming an episode of Magnum PI.

He wasn’t impolite, he simply thought he may get away with it as a result of he’s Tom Selleck.

eight. My nice grandfather pulled over John Wayne for rushing, apparently he was actually whiney and impolite. Nonetheless have the ticket.

9. My dad pulled over Anthony Kiedis and Flea (of the Crimson Scorching Chili Peppers) out within the California desert as soon as. They’d a some women with them. God solely is aware of what they had been doing or the place they had been going. His associate was truly the one to tug them over, however by probability, he received a glimpse of them. He ran up, confirmed it was them, had amusing, and satisfied his associate to allow them to go.

10. Me and my dad are cops and he pulled over Peyton Manning in the future.

11. My pal is a cop in Chicago and years in the past he pulled over Sean Hayes for rushing on Lake Shore Drive. My pal acknowledged him from TV however didn’t let something on. As he was writing him a ticket, Hayes requested, “Do you watch Will & Grace?” However my pal simply stated, “Nope. Right here’s your ticket.”

12. Former police cadet and dispatcher right here. I used to be on a journey alongside and was informed this story. So this officer pulls this automotive over for rushing. She then suspects the driving force of being drunk. She calls in his drivers license to run it. The dispatcher tells her, “You’ve got Nick Nolte pulled over? Are you aware who he’s? He’s a film star.” The officer is younger and doesn’t know who Nick Nolte is. Seems he wasn’t drunk, he was simply being Nick Nolte. She gave him a warning and despatched him on his means.

13. Michigan cop right here, it’s fairly widespread to cease Child Rock and Eminem round these elements.

14. My dad shouted at Prince Harry as soon as for making an attempt to pet his German Shepherd police canine.

15. Uncle is a cop, pulled over Justin Bieber twice. Can’t keep in mind what for, in all probability rushing, however it was a very long time in the past. The second time he acknowledged my uncle.

16. Not a police officer, was a corrections officer for a bit… Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob) was a return buyer on the jail for fairly a little bit of time. It’s bizarre, grew up watching these films and you then simply see him inside a housing unit, it’s only a actually bizarre feeling. Very good man, unhappy however good. He struggled for awhile and I’m glad he’s saved on the straight and slim… The brand new Jay and Silent Bob film scares me as a result of I hope he doesn’t do something reckless now that he has a disposable earnings.

17. My brother in legislation as soon as pulled over Kevin Hart in Atlantic Metropolis, NJ. Stated he was tremendous well mannered, voice was excessive pitched, and even provided to shake BIL’s hand afterward.

Hart received a ticket for rushing in a college zone.

18. Former Deputy. The county I labored in had a well-liked trip space. A pair deputies met Tom Cruise. Stated he was very nice.

19. My father was a police officer for 27 years and in in the future he pulled over Paul Newman, who, apparently, was infamous for rushing. So, my dad goes to quote him and will get a name for an accident that wanted help down the highway. Then someday shortly thereafter, my father pulled him over once more and Newman allegedly groaned, “Not you once more.”

20. D’angelo Russell. He was respectful and didn’t point out who he was. I didn’t comprehend it was him till I acknowledged his identify and regarded him up. I let him go together with a warning on some hen shit window tint site visitors cease.

21. The county had a small air strip close to this trip space. One night time considered one of our Deputies is patrolling and finds a working SUV simply parked there at like 0300. Contacts the driving force who my pal reported as being sort of shady and never belonging within the space. Driver says he’s ready for Invoice Cosby and is his physique guard and driver. My pal doesn’t purchase it however says he’ll stick round for Invoice Cosby to seem. Low and behold, a jet lands a couple of minutes later and Invoice Cosby will get out. My pal says he walks as much as the truck and the driving force says, “Mr Cosby, this Deputy wish to meet you.” All Invoice says is, “That’s good,” will get within the automotive, and leaves. The way in which it was informed is he was a snarky and impolite asshole.

22. My dad as soon as pulled over Bobby Bones for a tail mild down freeway 37. Undecided what all went down befor however I do keep in mind my dad quoting him, “Not once more.” Apparently it had occurred at Least Four-5 occasions earlier than this occurred and he wanted to take that automotive to go get the substitute bulb. He hadn’t observed till after the morning. Not too fascinating however it’s humorous to suppose he was pulled over so many occasions for a similar factor.

23. My dad pulled over Milwaukee Bucks participant Ersan Ilyasova. He was going nicely over the restrict and nicely over the tempo that site visitors was following. My dad was going to chop him a break till he blurted out in his Turkish accent, “I used to be simply maintaining with site visitors.” Slapped a ticket on his ass for making an attempt to argue over a petty ticket that wouldn’t even make a dent in his 7 mil a yr contract.

24. I gave the lengthy haired man (early 2000’s I imagine) from Hootie and the Blowfish a ticket for no leash on his canine. We had been driving on a small seaside island and he’s standing on a aspect highway along with his canine and no leash. He informed my associate and I he was in a band and we requested which band he was in and he informed us. We each had been like we’ve by no means heard of this band (mendacity). I stated Hootie?? Good luck with that’s it rap and he laughed and stated no. He was cool. Nonetheless gave him the ticket.

25. Former Police officer right here. I used to be on patrol once I noticed a gaggle of individuals making an attempt to cross the road on a really busy (and harmful Four lane freeway) at midnight. I pulled over and loaded them up and drove them throughout. It was the band, Til Tuesday. Good folks.

26. That is from Lewis Hamilton in his interview in Letterman:

He drove a very loud sports activities automotive in London. And was promptly pulled over by a cop that informed him as he approached Lewis’s window, “Who do you suppose you might be? Lewis Hamilton?”

He didn’t get a ticket.

27. My co-worker wrote Wes Craven a ticket. He didn’t know who he was and so when he gave him the ticket, he simply was like, “Right here’s you ticket Mr. Craven.” My co-worker informed me that if he knew he wrote a ticket to the Nightmare On Elm Road man, he would have issued a warning as an alternative.

28. I used to be a NYC Park Ranger in Central Park. I requested Christianne Amanpoor from CNN to place her canine on a leash and he or she stated, “Are you aware who I’m?”

I stated, “I don’t care who you might be, put your canine on a leash.”

29. I wasn’t a patrol officer, however relatively the sheriff’s deputy at Aspen’s airport, Sardy Subject. I needed to threaten to tow each Kurt Russell’s and Hunter Thompson’s autos greater than as soon as once they left them the place they weren’t presupposed to, parked proper in entrance of the airport. Hunter was Hunter and simply mumbled and groused, and Kurt normally simply waved and smiled. Soiled violators, the each of them.

30. My dad is a retired NYPD cop.

A few years in the past he pulls over a limo in Bklyn rushing on freeway zooming in direction of Manhattan. Driver pulls over and admits to rushing and begs my dad to not look in again.

He naturally seems to be in again and there may be Johnny Mathis and one other man stark bare going at it. Johnny Mathis begs him to not say something and my dad says no prob.

When he returns to precinct, there may be an envelope there for him. Two entrance row tix to see him carry out on the outdated Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Middle.

He goes along with his fiancee, (now my mother) and I used to be born 9 months later.

Thanks Johnny, if it wasn’t for him, I may not even be right here! TC mark

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