20 Unexplained Mysteries That Nonetheless Hold Us Up At Evening

Solutions discovered on Ask Reddit

1. “Brandon Swanson.

2.Madeleine McCann.

three.Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

four.The escape from Alcatraz.

5.I would love the thriller of the Voynich manuscript to be solved.

For these uninitiated: It’s a manuscript dated to early 15th century. Written in an unknown language and containing illustrations of alien vegetation, it additionally exhibits no connection to another texts or languages. However the textual content and drawings are so detailed that individuals doubt it was the work of some random man.

6. “The Tamam Shud case. Unknown physique discovered on an Australian seaside. No signal of foul play or drowning, and had a wierd coded message in his pocket. The physique was present in 1948. He’s by no means been recognized. If I keep in mind accurately, the labels had been faraway from his garments, and he didn’t appear to be from the realm.”

7. “The M cave thriller. I keep in mind listening to about this one and it nonetheless bothers me to today.

Mainly some man who was an avid hiker went again to vist a cave that he mentioned was vibrating on his earlier go to. He by no means got here again from the journey and hasn’t been seen since.

Right here’s the hyperlink to a youtube video he made speaking in regards to the cave not lengthy earlier than he went lacking.”

eight.The JonBenet Ramsey homicide.”

9.What the deal was with all these individuals dressing up as clowns a few years in the past.”

10.The homicide of Jenny Low Chang at San Francisco State College in 1977. She was discovered bare and stabbed to demise in a locked studying room of the J. Paul Leonard Library that solely college employees and school had entry to. Many speculate that it was the Zodiac killer due to the same circumstances across the homicide, however to today has not been solved. I’m at the moment a cinema scholar at SFSU doing a video venture about the entire thing and I’d like to see if something may be uncovered utilizing new DNA instruments.”

11.DB Cooper. I labored with a lady who was completely sure (and never kidding in any respect) member of the family of hers was DB Cooper and I REALLY wish to know if she method proper.”

12.Malaysian Airways flight lacking.”

13. “I might love to search out out who was behind the Max Headroom broadcast sign intrusion.

It’s been over 30 years and we nonetheless do not know who was behind that extremely weird hijack. There was a thread some time in the past of somebody that thought that they had figured it out that appeared very potential, but it surely was up to date they usually had been dominated out as suspects.

Right here is the notorious video for people who have by no means seen it.”

14.The Delphi murders.

15. “What occurred to the individuals of Roanoke Island.”

16. “The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer — man goes right into a bar, he doesn’t come out.”

17.Kyron Horman went lacking after I was in fifth grade. He was in 2nd grade. He went to a unique elementary college than me, however everybody within the Portland space knew about him, and nonetheless will in the event you point out his identify. There have been indicators all over the place for him, and also you often nonetheless see them round. He’d be 17 now.

18.I wish to know who the true Zodiac killer was. Not the impostors that got here some 25 years later publish string of murders. The unique.”

19.The thriller of the ft inside sneakers washing up on Vancouver Island. My guess is human trafficking however…”

20. “What occurred to Maura Murray?

Maura, who’s from Massachusetts, disappeared after she crashed her automotive in New Hampshire on February 9, 2004. Nobody is aware of what occurred to her.” TC mark

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