A Story About Being Unfillable

Some issues by no means actually change.

We might have surpassed evolution fairly a while in the past, however some traits by no means actually go away. Again in time, people hunt and acquire meals to outlive. Positive, we don’t hunt for our meals anymore, however we hunt in different methods. The underside line is we hunt for jobs to earn cash to gather meals. Manner again, all time was in all probability been used as much as hunt and acquire in an effort to survive and get by way of the day. Now’s an entire completely different story. We stay in a interval the place we don’t want the entire day to complete mundane duties anymore. Meals isn’t our solely fear any extra. Surviving has become an idea which has completely different layers now. We acquired extra time left to replicate and suppose. Which additionally means extra time to overthink, overanalyze and fear. We might have developed over hundreds of a long time, however we’re nonetheless making an attempt to outlive. We would be capable to fill our physique with meals but it surely appears we need to do the identical to our thoughts to really feel happy.

We try to outlive spiritually.

We’re hungry for one thing else and we don’t know the way to nonetheless that starvation.

As soon as we get older, we begin to get busy to fill in our life.

We fill it with noises, so we don’t have to get confronted by the silences which can be making an attempt to inform us one thing.

We fill it in with voices, so we don’t trouble to create our personal voice and use it.

We fill it with faces round us so we don’t trouble to face ourselves and take a look at ourselves within the mirror.

We fill it in with superficial achievements so we might really feel like a winner in the future.

We fill it with materialistic items to make ourselves really feel much less empty.

We attempt to fill it in as a lot and as fast as attainable for fast satisfaction. However our thoughts is unfillable. It doesn’t work as a storage room or a library. It’s not about amassing and preserving something that comes throughout us to make us really feel one thing. It’s about re-evaluating time after time to query ourselves if we’re nonetheless on a path that we’re pleased with.

Our thoughts isn’t static, it’s ever-flowing and shifting.

We should always not attempt to fill it however moderately planting seeds on locations which were uncared for, ignored and resented. It’s about watering those self same seeds to nurture it. It’s about re-organizing our ideas and throw out the fruitless ones. It’s about transcending into consciously appearing as a substitute of mindlessly consuming to attempt to fill one thing that ought to not ever be stuffed within the first place.

We’re now not people from the previous, however we’re nonetheless looking daily to gather and protect, in an effort to really feel entire.

However that’s the factor, it’s not one thing we will simply discover and make it our personal.

We’re right here to make recollections to rework, rebuild and develop ourselves. We’re not right here to stuff our lives with issues that aren’t wanted, with unfitted folks for the sake of getting firm and with truths that aren’t our personal truths.

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