50 Weed Quotes to Carry Your Stoner Spirits (2019)

Impress your folks on the subsequent smoke session with these insightful weed quotes and hilarious hashish quips.

Should you’re looking for the right phrases to explain your love for hashish, look no additional than these weed quotes and marijuana musings. These quotes superbly illustrate the facility, pleasure, and sense of neighborhood discovered when smoking weed.

50 Weed Quotes to Lift Your Stoner Spirits50 Weed Quotes to Lift Your Stoner Spirits

Why will we love marijuana a lot? Smoking weed makes us really feel glad, free, empowered, and relaxed. Apart from these optimistic impacts on our brains, hashish can even assist heal our our bodies. Proof means that medical marijuana will help deal with persistent ache, insomnia, despair, anxiousness, nausea, urge for food loss, and different signs and problems.

Hashish use is now extra fashionable than ever, as increasingly more locations select to legalize marijuana. This lovely plant has the power to enhance lives throughout all the globe. Subsequent time you’re about to mild about, consider a few of these superior stoner sayings.

Right here is the perfect assortment of inspiring, uplifting, and downright hilarious weed quotes.

The Greatest Weed Quotes from the Hashish Neighborhood

1.) “I’ve all the time cherished marijuana. It has been a supply of pleasure and luxury to me for a few years. And I nonetheless consider it as a fundamental staple of life, together with beer and ice and grapefruits – and tens of millions of People agree with me.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Weed Quotes about comfortWeed Quotes about comfort

2.) “Why is marijuana in opposition to the legislation? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the thought of creating nature in opposition to the legislation appear to you a bit … unnatural?” – Invoice Hicks

Weed Quotes about our planetWeed Quotes about our planet

three.) “Many artists and writers have used hashish for inventive stimulation – from the writers of the world’s spiritual masterpieces to our most irreverent satirists.” – Jack Herer

Weed Quotes about artistsWeed Quotes about artists

four.) “Whenever you smoke the herb, it reveals you to your self.” – Bob Marley

Weed Quotes about revelationWeed Quotes about revelation

5.) “It actually puzzles me to see marijuana linked with narcotics … dope and all that crap. It’s a thousand occasions higher than whiskey – it’s an assistant – a pal.” – Louis Armstrong

Weed Quotes that will make your dayWeed Quotes that will make your day

6.) “The illegality of hashish is outrageous, an obstacle to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and perception, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately wanted on this more and more mad and harmful world.” – Carl Sagan

Weed Quotes about sensitivityWeed Quotes about sensitivity

7.) “‎A few of my most interesting hours have been spent on my again veranda, smoking hemp and observing so far as my eye can see.” – Thomas Jefferson

Weed Quotes about smoking hempWeed Quotes about smoking hemp

eight.) “Marijuana enhances our thoughts in a manner that permits us to take a unique perspective from ‘excessive up’, to see and consider our personal lives and the lives of others in a privileged manner. Possibly this euphoric and elevating feeling of the power to step outdoors the field and to have a look at life’s patterns from this excessive perspective is the inspiration behind the slang time period ‘excessive’ itself.” – Sebastian Marincolo

Weed Quotes about perspectiveWeed Quotes about perspective

9.) “The Battle on Medication will go down in historical past as probably the most racist campaign since slavery.” – Thor Benson

Weed Quotes about historyWeed Quotes about history

10.) “I received excessive, and forgot I wasn’t speculated to get excessive.” – Ricky Williams

Weed Quotes on getting highWeed Quotes on getting high

Insightful weed quotes

11.) “By regulating marijuana, we are able to put black market drug sellers out of enterprise and get rid of the rebellious attract that pulls younger folks.” – Sal Albanese

Weed Quotes about young peopleWeed Quotes about young people

12.) “In fact I understand how to roll a joint.” – Martha Stewart

Weed Quotes about rolling itWeed Quotes about rolling it

13.) “The criminalization of marijuana didn’t stop marijuana from turning into probably the most broadly used unlawful substance in the USA and plenty of different nations. However it did lead to in depth prices and adverse penalties.” – George Soros

Weed Quotes about its criminalizationWeed Quotes about its criminalization

14.) “That’s not a drug, it’s a leaf.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Weed Quotes about leavesWeed Quotes about leaves

15.) “Even when one takes each reefer insanity allegation of the prohibitionists at face worth, marijuana prohibition has performed way more hurt to way more folks than marijuana ever might.” – William F. Buckley, Jr.

Weed Quotes about its prohibitionWeed Quotes about its prohibition

16.) “Marijuana is sort of presumably the best of intoxicants. It has been scientifically confirmed, for many years, to be a lot much less dangerous to the physique than alcohol when used regularly (Google “Science”).” – Nick Offerman

Weed Quotes about scienceWeed Quotes about science

17.) “Is marijuana addictive? Sure, within the sense that many of the actually nice issues in life are price endlessly repeating.” ― Richard Neville

Weed Quotes about addictionWeed Quotes about addiction

18.) “Alcohol and marijuana, if utilized in moderation, plus loud, normally low-class music, make stress and tedium infinitely extra bearable.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Weed Quotes about boredomWeed Quotes about boredom

19.) “I feel that marijuana shouldn’t solely be authorized, I feel it ought to be a cottage business. It could be fantastic for the state of Maine. There’s some fairly good homegrown dope. I’m positive it might be even higher when you might develop it with fertilizers and have greenhouses.”- Stephen King

Weed Quotes about musicWeed Quotes about music

20.) “Cannabis will probably be, certainly, for the impressions and acquainted ideas of the person, a mirror which magnifies, but not more than a mirror.” – Charles Baudelaire

Weed Quotes about impressionsWeed Quotes about impressions

Basic weed quotes that can make your day

21.) “I’d prefer to see the federal government again a programme of analysis into the medical properties of hashish and I don’t object to its accountable use as a leisure relaxant.” – Sir Richard Branson

medical Weed Quotes medical Weed Quotes

22.) “I feel folks have to be educated to the truth that marijuana is just not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it right here. If He put it right here and He needs it to develop, what provides the federal government the suitable to say that God is fallacious?” – Willie Nelson

Weed Quotes about the herbWeed Quotes about the herb

23.) “I’ve been smoking marijuana for 44 years now, and … I feel it’s an incredible blessing.” – Lester Grinspoon

Weed Quotes about the flowerWeed Quotes about the flower

24.) “It’s past my comprehension that any humane particular person would withhold such a useful substance from folks in such nice want just because others use it for various functions.” – Steven Gould

Weed Quotes about purposeWeed Quotes about purpose

25.) “I feel pot ought to be authorized. I don’t smoke it, however I just like the odor of it.” – Andy Warhol

Weed Quotes about smelling itWeed Quotes about smelling it

26.) “I don’t take into account weed to be any worse than having a beer.” – James Franco

Weed Quotes about beerWeed Quotes about beer

27.) “Take advantage of you’ll be able to of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it in every single place.” – George Washington

Weed Quotes about indian hempWeed Quotes about indian hemp

28.) “I’ve present in my examine of those sufferers that hashish is mostly a secure, efficient and non-toxic various to many commonplace medicines. There isn’t a such factor as an overdose. We’ve got seen very minimal issues with abuse or dependence, which at worst are equal to dependence on caffeine. Whereas a substance might have some potential for misuse, in my view, that’s a poor excuse to disclaim its use and profit to everybody else.” – Philip Denney, MD

Weed Quotes about patienceWeed Quotes about patience

29.) “I do know you’re supposed to inform youngsters to not do medicine, however, youngsters, do it! Do weed! Don’t do the opposite stuff, however weed is nice.” – Kevin Smith

Weed Quotes to inspire youWeed Quotes to inspire you

30.) “One’s situation on marijuana is all the time existential. One can really feel the significance of every second and the way it’s altering one. One feels one’s being, one turns into conscious of the large equipment of nothingness — the hum of a hi-fi set, the vacancy of a pointless interruption, one turns into conscious of the warfare between every of us, how the nothingness in every of us seeks to assault the being of others, how our being in flip is attacked by the nothingness in others.” – Norman Mailer

Weed Quotes about existenceWeed Quotes about existence

Weed quotes about its advantages

31.) “A pal with weed is a pal certainly…”― Pops O’Donnell

32.) “Once I was a child I inhaled often. That was the purpose.” – Barack Obama

33.) “For the file, proper now, I feel somebody wanted to return out and say it: I feel smoking pot is nice for blended martial artists. It’s a brand new day and age, that is, uh, the yr … fuck yr is it? I don’t know, as a result of I’ve been coaching and smoking pot like I ought to, as an alternative of listening to different bullshit, which I don’t do.” – Nick Diaz

34.) “Writing to me is like hitting the herb. No issues, Mon. No worries.”― A.Okay. Kuykendall

35.) “Why expend the forests which have been centuries within the making and the mines which required ages to put down, if we are able to get the equal of forest and mineral merchandise within the annual development of the hemp fields?” – Henry Ford

36.) “The American Nurses Affiliation (ANA) acknowledges that sufferers ought to have secure entry to therapeutic marijuana/hashish. Hashish or marijuana has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. It has been proven to be efficient in treating a variety of signs and circumstances.” – American Nurses Affiliation

37.) “Cease killing one another man. Let’s simply smoke a blunt.” – Tupac

38.) “Individuals decide on what they take primarily based on whether or not or not it’s authorized. We give folks on the age of 18 a alternative to make use of alcohol, which is extra dangerous than hashish. If they’ve the selection to make use of hashish by legalising it, they’ll be much less prone to drink alcohol, giving folks an possibility to make use of a safer drug. If folks find yourself utilizing hashish as an alternative of alcohol, that might clearly be a very good factor.” – Luke Flanagan

39.) “Marijuana saved my life. I’ve no doubts about it and also you don’t want to indicate me any knowledge.” – Greg Scott

40.) “Should you grew up within the 60’s or 70’s, and didn’t do medicine I don’t belief you.” – Danny Danko

Well-known and inspirational weed quotes

41.) “Why do I do it? As a result of I get pleasure from its results. You recognize, I — why does anyone use any mind-altering substance, , as a result of they like the way in which it makes them really feel.” – Mark Stepnoski

42.) “We speak to one another in code. We stated that 420 was a particular quantity. It was a time. It was a date. It was a logo for what we did for passive resistance.” – Rick Cusick

43.) “It makes me really feel the way in which I have to really feel.” – Snoop Dogg

44.) “The proof is overwhelming that marijuana can relieve sure varieties of ache, nausea, vomiting and different signs attributable to such diseases as a number of sclerosis, most cancers and AIDS — or by the tough medicine generally used to deal with them. And it could actually accomplish that with exceptional security. Certainly, marijuana is much less poisonous than most of the medicine that physicians prescribe each day.” – Joycelyn Elders, MD

45.) “If the phrases “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” don’t embrace the suitable to experiment with your individual consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t well worth the hemp it was written on.” – Terence McKenna

46.) “You recognize what I’m actually bored with is folks getting arrested for the possession of marijuana. It’s only a plant. It is not sensible.” – Madeline Martinez

47.) “As a substitute of taking 5 – 6 of the prescriptions, I made a decision to go a pure route and smoke marijuana.” – Melissa Etheridge

48.) “It’s laborious to be imply if you’re stoned.” – Invoice Lee

49.) “I used to smoke marijuana. However I’ll let you know one thing: I’d solely smoke it within the late night. Oh, sometimes the early night, however normally the late night —or the mid-evening. Simply the early night, mid-evening and late night. Often, early afternoon, early mid-afternoon, or maybe the late-mid-afternoon. Oh, generally the early-mid-late-early morning…However by no means at nightfall.” – Steve Martin

50.) “Wrestle is the enemy, however weed is the treatment.” – Child Cudi

Improve Your Excessive with the Dankest Weed Quotes

Marijuana is greater than only a lovely and highly effective plant. Smoking weed can calm down the thoughts, ease the physique, and raise the spirits. Not everybody understands the advantages of hashish although, so having a very good arsenal of quotes celebrating the herb can turn out to be useful.

The subsequent time you’re lighting up a joint, take into consideration among the insightful stoner knowledge and hilarious weed quotes shared all through the years. One of the best quotes from the hashish neighborhood spotlight the happiness that smoking weed brings to folks throughout the globe.

What’s your favourite quote about smoking weed? Share your finest hashish quote or weed story within the feedback under!

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