50 Lifelong Struggles Solely Lefties Will Perceive

1. Rapidly going by means of Instagram tales is more durable, strive doing it with a left hand. Your thumb solely reaches the center of display screen and that’s no good as a result of reposted story hyperlinks.

2. Espresso cup footage by no means face out.

three. Social interactions. Handshakes. Excessive-fives. and so forth. If you end up interacting with one other one who has expectations of proper handedness these interactions will be extra awkward for a lefty. Take into consideration attractive time conditions. Individuals are gunning for the mirror of what you are trying to do. Unsuitable hand. Unsuitable aspect. and so forth.

four. Hitting elbows whereas writing and consuming.

5. Making an attempt to take notes in school in a right-handed writing desk (as a result of there are solely 5 left-handed ones in an auditorium that seats 100).

6. My measuring cups have measurements on just one aspect, so if I’m pouring liquid in it and holding it on the identical time, I can’t see the measurement.

7. Wiping your bum along with your wedding ceremony ring hand. I don’t prefer to have my ring that near pooh.

eight. Being compelled to be taught a musical instrument the best handed approach.

9. Signing one thing with a corded pen that’s connected on the best aspect of the clipboard or bank card scanner. Additional factors if it’s stretchy and coiled.

10. Can openers!

11. All the pieces is true hand oriented. All the pieces from vehicles to doorways, to placement of trash cans, you don’t actually notice these items till you do.

12. Ladles. Actually, the little pour spout is on the improper aspect!

13. Taking pictures weapons for left-handed folks will be exhausting. Some designs have their shell dispenser positioned in such a approach that when a left-handed individual shoots the gun, the shells fly into their face.

14. Driving. You haven’t any concept how lengthy it took me to cease hovering my left foot over the brake.

15. Consuming at a crowded desk. I’ve to modify to the best hand in such a case.

16. One other irritating nemesis is a bread bag tie! They’re all the time twisted the improper approach! I save the plastic bag holders and change each single wire tie… OR put the wire again on, as solely a lefty would do, after which the best handed ones really feel the wrestle.

17. When the supply man wants a signature and tries to drive the pen into your proper hand.

18. The place folks put their glasses at dinner events. Individuals at events drink the drink of the individual sitting subsequent to them (by chance) as a result of they foolishly use their dominant hand to succeed in for his or her drink.

19. PC gaming. It will get so awkward utilizing WASD keys along with your proper hand.

20. Arm wrestling folks, they suppose you might be a lot weaker than them simply since you don’t use your proper hand on a regular basis.

21. The one factor I all the time discover is public computer systems like at my college. All the pc mice are on the best aspect of the keyboard however I all the time find yourself having to modify it to the opposite aspect for myself as a result of I can’t use the mouse too properly proper handed.

22. Hitting ‘again’ on Android telephones is tremendous uncomfortable when holding the cellphone with the left hand. The one purpose I miss my iPhone is for the swipe again function.

23. Bank card machines are sometimes positioned in such a approach that one thing will get in the best way of my hand when I attempt to swipe left-handed.

24. Guitars are all the time strung improper, I spend hours fixing them.

25. Butter knives are clean, simple crusing for righties… for lefties you may as properly use a cheese grater to unfold butter.

26. Has nobody talked about pencil sharpeners? I obtained a left-handed pencil sharpener as soon as and it was life-changing. As an alternative of turning the pencil clockwise in the direction of your physique such as you would with an everyday sharpener, with the left-handed one you’d flip it counter-clockwise away out of your physique! It’s a way more snug of a movement to do, and I by no means realized how uncomfortable common right-handed sharpeners have been till I discovered that luxurious.

27. “WhOa, YoU’rE lEfT haNdEd?!?!?!?!” -Individuals you’ve recognized for years and have stated this to you many instances over time.

28. First, button fly denims are out of the query. It’s exhausting sufficient to be taught to zip proper handed.

29. Revolving doorways go counter clockwise, to favor proper handed folks.

30. Twisting door handles the improper approach on first strive.

31. Oddly sufficient, scissors. The curves are meant for righties (solely we are able to say that) and so they dig into our arms when utilizing them sufficient.

32. These little pastry forks you get with a knife on one aspect are designed purely for proper handers and all the time the wrong way up with the leading edge being ineffective to me.

33. Getting graphite or ink in your hand from writing.

34. Spiral notebooks are simply uncomfortable to make use of. I find yourself positioning my hand actually awkwardly and it makes it more durable to jot down.

35. Shopping for golf golf equipment. Whether or not you’re at Wal-Mart or a flowery professional store your choices are painfully restricted, probably priced larger (I’ve seen 30% mark ups) and any clerk that helps you treats you want a mutant freak.

36. A number of DS video games weren’t made for us, and you’ll’t purchase leftie DSes.

37. Most pen tablets used for drawing have buttons on the improper aspect. Fortunately there are methods to flip the settings.

38. After I was youthful enjoying catch everybody use to have the left handed glove to catch and threw with their proper hand. I continually would catch the ball, take off the glove, then throw the ball again… which was tremendous awkward.

39. They all the time have a look at me all judgy once I flip my paper at a 90 diploma angle to jot down. Like sorry, we’re not all proper handed okay.

40. Chainsaw or round noticed; man glitter (noticed mud) fills up my boots/ will get throughout me.

41. Reducing bread at my grandma’s home. It’s the one factor I can’t assist her with, however she all the time asks me to do! She has a really particular bread knife that has a picket information on the aspect of it for constant dimension slices and I straight up can’t use. At all times find yourself having to ask another person if they’ll minimize bread. This one’s a bit of one, however it all the time frustrates me!

42. Initially studying to drive a handbook transmission automobile was a bit of more difficult.

43. I all the time overlook which sides the fork and spoon and knife belong. Idk if I’m dumb as a rock however on many events I simply ‘overlook’ which hand to they belong to.

44. At all times bumping into folks which might be strolling in the direction of you since you generally tend to maneuver on the identical aspect as they do.

45. A number of notebooks make you twist your hand a clumsy technique to write something and it makes my writing approach worse for awhile.

46. I personally have hassle writing with some pens being left handed. Normally the ink doesn’t circulation properly.

47. Writing on whiteboards is a horrible, horrible expertise.

48. Being paired with the one different left handed individual within the class at college.

49. Presently, as the one individual that’s left-handed in my family, it’s studying how one can crochet and knit. My mother does each lots, and has tried to show me fairly a couple of instances, however I can’t get the hold of it since I’m attempting to repeat what she’s doing however “backwards.”

50. The best way you write with the left hand is WAY completely different than the way you write with the best because you push the pencil as an alternative of pulling it. TC mark

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