7 Actual Life ‘Entrances To Hell’ You Can Really Go to

There are locations on this planet mentioned to be the gate to hell. Some say the tales are simply city legends, others say they’re warnings handed down from one era to the following. What we all know for sure is that these locations are creepy as hell.

The Lerna area of Greece

Gustave Moreau

The springs and waters of this area are mentioned to be therapeutic on one hand, and the gates to hell on the opposite. Mythology says that there’s a Hydra deep within the waters that one should move in an effort to achieve entry to the underworld. At this time Lake Lerna is not any extra, however there are different waters on this area one might journey to if they’ve “slay a hydra” on their bucket listing.

The river Acheron in Greece

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Often called the “river of woe” it was described by Homer and Virgil as part of the underworld. That is the doorway Odysseus utilized in mythology to get to Hades. It was one in every of 5 rivers mentioned to be an entrance together with Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon and Styx.

Mount Etna


Mount Etna is a volcano in Sicily. It’s the greatest volcano in Italy. The mountain is vital in mythology as it’s mentioned to be the place Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths, cast his items. In accordance with a e book written between 1180 and 1230, there’s a spring close to the mountain which results in the underworld.

The Fengdu area of China


In Fengdu, one can discover the just about 2,000 yr outdated Fengdu Ghost Metropolis which was constructed particularly to resemble the thought of hell present in Chinese language mythology and buddhism. In accordance with Wikipedia:

In accordance with Chinese language beliefs, the useless should move three assessments earlier than passing to the following life. First they need to move the ‘Bridge of Helplessness’. This stone bridge was constructed in the course of the Ming Dynasty and is a check for Good and Evil. It has three arches and solely the center one is used for testing folks. There are totally different protocols for crossing the bridge relying on intercourse, age, marital standing. On the bridge demons permit or forbid passage. The nice are allowed to move whereas the evil shall be pushed to the water beneath. That is now carried out as a vacationer attraction and performers characterised as demons momentarily cease vacationers on the bridge however lastly permit them throughout.

Then the useless should proceed to Ghost-Torturing Go the place they current themselves for judgment earlier than Yama, King of Hell. That is the second check. On this space there are massive sculptures of demons.

The third check is completed on the entrance to Tianzi Palace the place the useless should stand on a sure stone on one foot for 3 minutes. In accordance with legend a virtuous individual will be capable of do it whereas an evil individual will fail and be condemned to hell.

Due to the three gorges dam, at some point quickly this metropolis will develop into an island.

Hellam Township, Pennsylvania


A forest in Hellam township is alleged to include the seven gates of hell. Passing via all seven gates is a one-way ticket to the underworld. You possibly can nonetheless learn the legend in it’s entirety.

Darvaza fuel crater

Tormod Sandtorv

The Darvaza fuel crater is a pure fuel fireplace in Derweze, Turkmenistan that is named the door to hell. It’s nearly 100 toes deep and has been burning since 1971 when scientists set it on fireplace as a result of they thought in any other case methane fuel from the crater would unfold. There’s no historical mythology to again up this declare, nevertheless it’s simple to see the place the nickname got here from if you have a look at pictures of the fireplace.

Mount Osore


Mount Osore is an lively volcano that can be house to a buddhist temple in Japan. It has lengthy been believed to be an entrance to hell. In the event you go to Mount Osore, you’ll discover Japanese mediums who can converse within the voice of family members on the opposite aspect. TC mark

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