50 Grammar Errors You Don’t Need To Make (As a result of Good Grammar Is Attractive)

Ask Reddit desires you to cease making these grammar errors.

1. Individuals that don’t perceive the way to use a/an. A apple, a hour, an person…

2. Defiantly / positively. Your paper matter is just not defiantly vital. That proof doesn’t present something defiantly. Simply cease; I don’t even understand how you made your autocorrect do that.

three. Aside vs. an element. “I used to be glad to be aside of this crew!” NO THAT’S NOT CORRECT.

four. When individuals say bigger then as an alternative of bigger than.

5. When individuals confuse plural for possessive. Like when individuals say humanities final hope as an alternative of humanity’s final hope.

6. Mixing up lose/unfastened and breath/breathe.

7. Utilizing would of as an alternative of would’ve ( would have).

eight. When individuals write it ya’ll, as an alternative of y’all.

9. Ect. It’s et cetera, rattling it. It means and the remainder in Latin. So that you abbreviate it and so on. Each time I see ect, my mind desires to pronounce it ehkt and it’s annoying.

10. When individuals say, I may care much less as an alternative of I couldn’t care much less.

11. Individuals utilizing the phrase good when they need to be utilizing nicely.

12. Not utilizing the subjunctive. Saying I want I used to be as an alternative of I want I had been.

13. Brake and break. Work has breaks, your automotive has brakes. Although one of the best ways to break your automotive is failing to make use of the brakes correctly.

It’s superb how typically this error occurs, even in automotive and motorsport associated subreddits the place you anticipate the customers would know the rattling distinction.

14. Throwing a random persay in a sentence. (It’s spelled per se, and also you in all probability don’t know what it means in the event you can’t spell it correctly.)

15. Okay, right here’s mine…pique/peak/peek.

Your curiosity is piqued, not peaked, otherwise you storm off in a match of pique.

You peek at your accomplice’s telephone, in the event you spend any time in /r/relationships, that’s.

You climb to the mountain peak.

Peak is a noun. Peek is a verb. Pique could also be both noun or verb.

16. Undoubtedly “nother.” THERE IS NO WHOLE NOTHER ANYTHING.

17. On a regular basis is an adjective. On daily basis is just not. Saying, I am going to high school on a regular basis is improper.

18. Irregardless. Not a phrase.

Nonetheless, my college supervisor throughout my scholar educating mentioned it always.

I used to be additionally in an AP coaching convention just lately the place the speaker mentioned irregardless quite a few instances. He was extremely good and well-spoken apart from that.

19. Slightly nitpicky, however the lack of an Oxford comma when dictating lists. Eg “Merchandise 1, Merchandise 2 and Merchandise three” relatively than “Merchandise 1, Merchandise 2, and Merchandise three”

20. Any adjective with distinctive. Distinctive is what it’s – it might’t get greater than itself.

21. “Therefore why.” The “why” shouldn’t be there, it’s simply “therefore.”

This one bothers me as a result of even in probably the most pompous reddit threads, this one nonetheless all the time slips below the radar.

22. Individuals who say in any case… blood is boiling simply typing it.

23. Saying “the way it appears to be like like” as an alternative of “the way it appears to be like” or “what it appears to be like like.” Grrr…

24. Individuals who don’t know the distinction between breath and breathe.

25. I choose writers and audio system who take note of particulars that matter. (It’s who for individuals and that for issues. Thanks.)

26. When individuals attempt to use “whom” to sound smarter, however then use it incorrectly.

27. Anybody who sorts “$100 Dollars” should work for the Division of Redundancy Division. (It bodily damage me to sort that…)

28. Individuals who don’t know the distinction between our and are.

29. I’s. See it on a regular basis: “A photograph of my SO and I’s cute pupper.”

30. When individuals use a query mark when they’re uncertain of one thing however are actually simply making a press release.

“I don’t know the place Adam desires to go for dinner?”

31. I used to be sat as an alternative of I used to be seated…

32. Two, too and to.

33. It bugs the shit out of me that attempt to is basically accepted as being right as an alternative of attempt to. You’re both making an attempt to do one thing, otherwise you’re doing it…not each!

34. When individuals use who’s when referring to the possessive kind whose.

35. Individuals inserting the $ after the worth (ex. I paid 800$ for my iPhone).

Which may be the way in which you say it, but it surely’s not the way in which you write it and I can’t consider what number of Individuals try this.

Sure, I’m an American and I discussed the nationality as a result of I do know it’s not a common rule.

36. “All of the sudden” has grow to be so ubiquitous lately that I see it utilized by skilled media individuals, it pops up in tune lyrics by musicians who must be clever sufficient to know higher… pisses me off to no finish.

37. Expresso. It’s espresso.

38. As a foodie & former chef, the usage of palette rather than palate makes me attain for my knives.

39. “The explanation why is as a result of….” (Or “the reason being as a result of”). Double redundancy! All that you must say is “The reason being that…” Once you say “purpose,” you’re already implying a “as a result of” and a “why.”

40. Utilizing an apostrophe to pluralize phrases as an alternative of utilizing the proper plural types. Instance:

I’ve two pet bunnys’.

I’ve two pet bunnies.

41. Use of the phrase myself as an alternative of merely me. I cringe once I hear it in the true world as nicely.

42. Misusing lady and girls.

43. Principally punctuation like the shortage of commas or query marks.

44. Undecided if it is a solely Reddit factor, however I discover fairly just a few posts that Capitalize Each Phrase Like This. I Don’t Assume It Takes An English Main To See Why It’s Unhealthy English And Downright Hideous To Look At.

45. It’s not alot, it’s a LOT!

46. Undoubtedly the you’re/your mixup

47. It’s and its.

48. Not precisely grammar, however…


The one option to “segway to one thing else” is to leap on a fucking standing scooter and roll there at three mph.

49. Utilizing an apostrophe for plurals (plural’s).

50. Spelling rapping or wrapping as raping. TC mark

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